Raised in radio, if I had not thought about writing the perfect Country and Western love song, I had certainly heard the finished product of others.  I FOUND MY WAY survived the decades old writer’s block and was finished as the calendar year turned to 2017, lending the name to the 2017 WARRANTLESS SEARCH LOVE & LOSS TOUR.


Before ‘jackrabbit’ could be said, sworn affidavits were filed in the USDC/SDNY by two American citizens concerning allegations of grievous bodily harm.  The task in writing A CLOSED FIST COLD CASE CLOSED was to do so as quickly as possible (1:58), in as few verses as possible with no chorus, and, without naming any names.  Mission Accomplished!!


On the heels of the current affairs, Colleen Pierce Pettinati, a Certified Health Coach and Natural Practitioner lent her knowledge and experience to co-write two songs.  She has spent the past two decades preparing her two lovely children to walk out the front door of the ‘autism spectrum’.  Without her focus on health via nutrition, these songs would not have been possible.  RIDIN’ ON A GENOME is a song about, and for, everybody, made possible in part by the dedicated research and medical practice of Kelly Brogan, MD, and a special thanks to Robert Burns (1759-1796).  After having the great pleasure of meeting and getting to know Colleen’s now adult children, the ‘med rap’ was written into a more traditional folk format.  A HEAVY METAL TRAGEDY was organized and finalized at the local coffee shop.


The refrain line of THE SOOTH SAYER is from the mid 1960s and was brought fast forward and made currently topical.  THE END AS WELL...This perfect Country and Western Love Song Entry was inspired by the lost last gnostic text of Thomas.


I talked a neighbor friend into a registry for a guitar giveaway at a local music store in the mid 1960s...he won but would never play the Gibson J-30.  So, I bugged him until he sold it to me...$100.00 USDs.  It is featured on the soundtrack and in the photo session. 


Four more tracks, two originals and two from the public domain, were recorded but have not as yet been posted here.  PSB.  Enjoy.  Chris w/WS.

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